After more than 28 years in emergency services (Fire, Ems, and 911 telecommunications) we decided to try to serve the people of York County, South Carolina and surrounding areas in a new way. 

Michael, Lisa, and Family.jpeg

Michael,Tracey& Family

We are a family-owned and operated business, with deep ties to our community.  We have a huge amount of respect and love for our veterans and first responders. As we grow it is our goal to seek ways to support our veterans with jobs and opportunities to help serve those that have served us.  We want to provide a quality product and service to everyone, with a family feel.  Our menu is limited, but high quality. We feel if you only have a few menu items it gives you time to make them perfect. 


So, all of you out there that keep asking yourselves “where can I get great southern barbecue?”


Look no further, let us introduce you to Priority 1 Bar-B-Q.  The name comes from our public safety roots. Priority 1 is an emergency response by police, fire, and Ems crews (lights and sirens). 


That said, welcome!!!  Your emergency search for great barbecue and ribs is over.  Make it your priority to feed your family the best barbecue your money can buy.